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The Synentia Construction (Pvt) Ltd undertakes new and refurbishment construction projects in the commercial, industrial, retail, health, education, leisure, energy, public services and residential sectors – and how we deliver those projects needs to meet not only the expectations of today’s customers but also those of future generations.The scale and diversity of work that the Group undertakes through its network of local offices and businesses presents a real opportunity to develop and implement initiatives to minimise our impact on the environment and enhance the communities in which we operate.

We adopt a collaborative and inclusive approach with all stakeholders, including customers, designers, supply chain and local communities in our desire to minimise environmental impact and construct energy efficient, cost effective, high quality buildings.  

Our Vision focuses on the practical steps required to anchor sustainable principles at the heart of our business activities.

Our Strategy sets out our approach for delivering a sustainable and responsible business model through our core activities, services and supply chain and embodies an aspiration to be innovative and consistently improve what we do. 

Our News


27 November 2019

Construction & Infrastructure Board

Synentia Group welcomes the establishment of construction and infrastructure board, setting up of office of procurement ombudsman, capacity building of local construction industry, revisiting tax regime, review of laws and audit procedures and lack of standardization etc.


24 December 2019

Investing Options in 2020

Pakistan real estate sector is considered as one of the major investment opportunity with numerous options. Every investor especially, the one who has money in his hand and wants to make a profit with it chooses different attractive properties to invest in.

So, we can say that the property market in Pakistan is the top option to earn more. However, Pakistan’s economic and political conditions are questionable so the market has observed sudden dips as well.


28 January 2020

Economy Goes Up

Growth will likely taper in FY 2020 amid ongoing fiscal consolidation, which includes revenue-raising and expenditure-controlling efforts, and softer private spending growth. That said, economic reforms under the IMF’s Extended Fund Facility program should support business confidence and fixed investment. The panelists see growth of 2.8% in FY 2020, which is unchanged from last month’s estimate, and 3.6% in FY 2021.


Ali Haider

To direct and control the company’s operations and to give strategic guidance and direction to the board to ensure that the company achieves its mission and objectives.Establish and maintain effective formal and informal links with major customers, relevant government departments and agencies, local authorities, key decision-makers and other stakeholders generally, to exchange information and views and to ensure that the company is providing the appropriate range and quality of services.

Managing Director

Shabbir Hussain

Extensive multi-disciplinary experience successfully delivering large businesses in demanding and ever changing environments. Specific experience in: Defence, Manufacturing (electrical, electronic and mechanical), Development, R&D Support, Test and Evaluation, Design, Government, Service Industry, Facilities, HS&E.



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